17 Maths Websites for High School Students to Get Ahead

Maths can be challenging for high school students, and sometimes, I find out that even the best textbooks don’t offer enough to help the most motivated students understand complex concepts.

Luckily, the internet is full of resources that can help young minds in mastering maths while making it fun and engaging.

In this post, I will take you through 17 maths websites for high school students that cover everything from algebra to geometry to calculus. So, whether you’re struggling with calculus or just need a little extra practice, we’ve got you covered; these websites will keep you on track.

If you are still wondering whether ChatGPT can help you do calculus, I wrote a whole article discussing how you can use ChatGPT to do calculus.

1- Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online learning platform that offers detailed video tutorials on a variety of maths topics. From basic arithmetic to calculus, Khan Academy has it all.

Khan Academy offers personalized learning paths, quizzes, and interactive problems to help students build a solid maths foundation.

Maths Websites for High School Students

2- Mathway

Mathway is an online tool that helps high school students solve maths problems step-by-step. Simply input the problem you’re struggling with, and Mathway will help you solve it.

You can type in any maths problem, and Mathway will provide an answer and steps on how to solve it.

Maths Websites for High School Students

3- Math Playground

Math Playground is a website dedicated to making maths fun. It offers games, puzzles, and videos to particularly help kids improve their maths skills in a fun and interactive way.

I believe high school students can also benefit from using playground. I like that math playground offers a wide range of interactive maths games covering different maths topics.

4- Brilliant

Brilliant is an online platform that teaches maths through problem-solving. In addition, Brilliant offers a range of courses and quizzes to help high school students improve their maths skills.

Maths Websites for High School Students

5- Cool Math

As the name suggests, Cool Maths Games offers exciting maths games for kids covering different concepts like multiplication, addition, and division.

Cool Math is a great resource for high school students who find maths difficult or boring.

6- IXL Learning

IXL is a maths website that provides high school students with interactive maths problems and quizzes. It is a great way to practice maths and improve your skills.

I like that IXL tracks your progress and provides personalized recommendations based on your strengths and weaknesses.

7- EdX

EdX is an online learning platform that offers courses in a variety of subject areas, including maths. Its courses are taught by some of the world’s leading math experts.

8- Wolfram Mathworld

Wolfram Mathworld is an online encyclopedia of maths. It is a great resource for high school students who need to understand complex maths topics.

9- WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is an AI-powered maths search engine that provides answers to complex maths problems. In general, WolframAlpha covers different categories like algebra, geometry, calculus, and many more.

10- Math Goodies

Math Goodies offers free maths lessons, worksheets, and quizzes for high school students. I like that Math Goodies’ resources are simple and easy to understand.

Maths Websites for High School Students

11- Purplemath

Purplemath offers online lessons and tutorials for high school students who are struggling with maths. Its tutorials are designed to be easy to follow and understand.

12- Mathplanet

Mathplanet offers free maths lessons and resources for high school students. Its lessons cover a range of maths topics, from algebra to calculus.

Maths Websites for High School Students

13- MathisFun

MathisFun is a fun and interactive website that covers various maths concepts in a playful, easy-to-understand way.

Moreover, MathisFun offers interactive games, puzzles, and quizzes covering algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Maths Websites for High School Students

14- Desmos

Desmos is an online tool that helps students visualize difficult maths concepts. In addition, Desmos offers graphing calculators, scientific calculators, geometry tools, and many more.

Maths Websites for High School Students

15- Edu-Games

Edu-Games is a fun platform that offers interactive maths games for kids. The games cover arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and many more.

Maths Websites for High School Students

16- Brainpop

Brainpop offers short animations that cover various maths concepts geared towards younger students. Brainpop also offers quizzes and interactive activities.

17- Prodigy

Prodigy is an online maths game that adapts to a student’s learning level. With Prodigy, Students battle with other players through quizzes covering a range of maths topics.

Maths Websites for High School Students

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Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking for a platform that will offer personalized learning or games to make maths fun, these 17 websites have got you covered. With these resources, you can build a strong foundation in maths, making it an enjoyable and exciting subject to learn.

So, whether you are working on algebra, calculus, or any other maths topic, I encourage you to use these websites to get ahead and improve your maths skills. Each of these websites offers a range of resources that make learning maths easier, more engaging, and more fun.


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