8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School 

Math is a subject that most middle school students dread because of the complex word problems and concepts. However, the topics can be made interesting by using different math activities for middle school.

The creative activities will allow your students to participate more actively in the class. They can also help you improve concepts easily. This is why you must use different math activities for middle school.

If you want to learn more about these activities, here is a guide to help you.

8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School 

Here are the top eight math activities for middle school students:

1- Math Tic Tac Toe

Math Tic Tac Toe is a fun activity that you can use to improve the multiplication skills of your students. You may also improvise the game to suit addition and subtraction problems. The top thing you must do is prepare a sheet with questions and another colored paper with a tic tac toe grid.

The rules of the activity are simple. Two students would solve different questions on the worksheet. The first kid will try a problem first, and upon a correct answer, they can mark an X on the grid. The second will get the same opportunity and reward.

If a student answers the question incorrectly, their turn will be skipped. The challenge in this activity is designed to motivate students to give their best when solving math problems.

Watch the video below for more about playing Match Tic Tac Toe.

8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School – mathodics.com

2- Sandwich Fractions

Making sandwiches in a math class is a fun activity for many middle school students. The best part is that you can use the process to teach the kids the concept of fractions. Most students struggle with this topic in school, especially the addition and subtraction of fractions.

You can help the kids prepare the mixture for the sandwich to help everyone feel included. After making the complete sandwich, you may ask the kids to guide you on how to cut different fractions. The easiest cut to make is ½, so you can start with this.

After that, you may shift to other fractions such as ¼, ¾, and more. Remember not to allow the kids to use a knife to make the cuts. You may ask them to outline the position and cut the sandwich yourself to avoid accidents.

3- Roll A Dice For Subtraction

Addition problems are easier to solve for middle school students than subtraction questions. This is why you can use a fun activity for this topic. You may ask students to roll dice on their desks and subtract numbers from them.

To make the game challenging, you can use a different number of dice for the value. For instance, a student may roll two dice to add the numbers and get a two-digit number. Then, the kid can roll the pieces again to get another two-digit number.

Finally, the student should subtract the two double-digit numbers to get the final answer. For instance, the first two dice may have 5 and 6 on them. This means the first double-digit value is 11.

Meanwhile, the numbers in the second turn can be 2 and 3. So the next double-digit value will be 5. The student should subtract 5 from 11 to get the final answer. You may also keep rewards such as points or candies for every correct answer.

Watch the video below to learn how to implement the roll a dice for subtraction in your classroom.

8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School – mathodics.com

4- Operate A Grocery Store

Operating a grocery store requires math skills due to the addition of different price tags to form the bill. Calculating discounts and percentages also require math skills. Of course, a real grocery store employee uses a computer for these tasks.

However, that will not be the case when setting up this activity for your class. You may set up the classroom as a grocery store; some students can be employees while others can be shoppers. 

The activity will allow you to combine addition, subtraction, multiplication, and percentages in one class. You must remember this math activity is mainly for middle school students of higher levels.

5- Origami Designs For Geometry

Middle school students do not have to know complex geometrical concepts but must be aware of specific shapes. This can be tough to learn for some kids because of the lack of visualization in books. 

So you can use 3D origami designs to teach those shapes. You must research the shapes that students can make easily in class. It is advisable to bring prints of the instructions and assign a different shape to every student.

A geometric snowman is an excellent origami design that you can use for teaching shapes. The best part is that this item can be made in a group activity.

You can assign the geometric body to some students while others can work on the nose.

The body is best for understanding shapes such as hexagons and polygons. Meanwhile, the nose best explains a cone and its sides to your students.

8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School – mathodics.com

6- Math Trivia

Trivia games are popular amongst kids because they are highly fun. You can form different questions to test the knowledge of your students. This activity can be done every time you finish an important topic in class.

Questions can be based on averages, exponents, multiplication, word problems, and much more. The best part is that game will not be very difficult for the student due to multiple answer choices. 

It will motivate the kids to solve questions on a timer. This will be helpful for students as it will teach them time management because many students fail to track time during math tests and exams.

7- Card Sort

Card Sort is mainly suitable for students in grade seven or eight. It involves cutting cards with tables of X and Y graph coordinates. You will also have cards with the answers for the graph slopes and different points.

The task of your students will be to calculate the slopes themselves using the values in the table. They should use their answers to choose the card with the correct slope answers and points.

You may also make the activity more challenging by asking the students to form linear equations after finding the points and slopes. This will ensure that the concept is completely clear.

Check out the video to learn more about the benefits of using card sort to help your students.

8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School – mathodics.com

8- Grudgeball

Grudgeball is one of the top math activities for middle school students because most kids love sports. The best part is you can easily decide the topic of the game and test your knowledge. 

You must assign students in groups and ask them questions related to the unit they completed in class. If they answer correctly, they will get a chance to remove Xs from the board and shoot the ball in the hoop.

The other group will also get the same opportunity and reward. Whichever group eliminates all the Xs will win the game. This challenge is an excellent incentive for the students to try their best and answer correctly.

Besides that, group formation will also promote teamwork and make the game easier. This is because some students may have weaker concepts than others. So they can easily grasp the topic with the help of their peers.

Grudgeball is perfect for reviewing tests, teaching current concepts, and even helping students prepare for tests.

Watch the video below for ideas on implementing Grudgeball in your classroom.

8 Fun And Exciting Math Activities For Middle School – mathodics.com

Final Thoughts

These are the eight best math activities for middle school students. The top games are mainly suitable for kids in grades five to six.

Meanwhile, activities like card sorting, grudgeball, and operating a grocery store are for grade seven or above students.


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