Debunking the Myth: Is Further Maths the Hardest A-Level?

Is Further Maths the Hardest A-Level
Is Further Maths the Hardest A-Level

Mathematics is a subject that is often feared, avoided, or misunderstood by many students. However, for those passionate about it, mathematics is a field of study that can open up a wide variety of future career opportunities and intellectual gratification. For most students, taking Further Mathematics A-level may seem like the obvious choice.

Is further maths the hardest A-level? A-Level Further Maths is one of the hardest A-Levels subjects. A-Level Further Maths builds on the topics and concepts covered in A-level Maths. It goes deeper into some topics, including abstract algebra, calculus, geometry, and other advanced mathematical concepts. I encourage you to consider further maths if you plan to pursue a university degree, requiring or preferring A-Level Further Maths.

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Is Further Maths the Hardest A-Level?

A-level further maths is widely considered the most difficult A-level subject, depending on students’ abilities and interests. To put things into perspective, A-level Further Maths covers content at an undergraduate level and requires a good grasp of the topics taught at Mathematics A-level.

The truth is A-level further maths demands a high level of dedication, commitment, and perseverance from students. Also, in general, students who take Further Maths typically have a strong interest and aptitude for the subject, which makes it easier for them to handle the additional modules.

Why Is Further Maths Considered to Be the Hardest A-Level?

A level further maths level of difficulty depends on individual aptitude and abilities, as well as the level of support provided by schools.

Here are a few reasons why A-level further maths is considered to be the hardest A-level.

1- Further Maths Typically Requires a Higher Level of Abstraction

Many students find A-level Further Maths challenging because it requires a higher level of abstraction. The concepts dealt with in A-level further maths are more complex and abstract than what students are used to in their regular Maths classes. However, with proper guidance and practice, these concepts can be mastered.

2- The Level of Support and Resources Provided by Your School

The difficulty of A-level further maths also depends on the level of support and resources provided by the school. Generally, teachers who are experts in the subject and offer regular guidance and support can help their students to tackle the difficult parts of the subject.

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3- A Level Further Maths is a High-Demanding A level Subject

It is also worth noting that A-level further maths is among the most demanding A-level subjects, which can make it seem more difficult to some students.

Also, it is worth mentioning that every subject has its own set of challenges and difficulties, which can become easier or harder based on an individual’s abilities and aptitude. In fact, some students find A-level Further Maths easier than other subjects like English Literature or History.

4- A Level Further Maths Covers a Vast Range of Topics And Concepts

Another key factor that makes A-level further maths challenging is the vast range of areas it covers, including mechanics, statistics, and pure mathematics. Generally, it is not easy for students to be proficient in every topic and concept. For example, I have students who are strong a doing calculus but struggle in statistics.

Also, A level further maths also requires a lot of time and effort outside of the classroom, as reading and practicing problems from textbooks is essential to perform well.

Is Further Maths the Hardest A-Level

5- A Level Further Maths Exams Can Be Incredibly Demanding and Rigorous (for some students)

Most students find A-level further maths exams to be incredibly demanding and rigorous, mainly because the exams are designed to challenge students and differentiate the best from the rest.

Moreover, A-level further maths exams are designed to test not just the student’s memory and knowledge but also their problem-solving skills, application, and creativity in solving complex mathematical challenges.

6- Lack of Support And Resources Available for Students

Another factor that adds to the difficulty level of A-level Further Maths is the lack of support and resources available for students. If you are looking for free resources to learn mathematics, I encourage you to check out this article on the 11 most helpful and Best YouTube channels for maths.

In some cases, courses in Further Maths tend to be small, and teachers may not necessarily have the expertise to teach the advanced content. Generally, there may not be as many resources available for students to turn to when they encounter difficulties in their studies.

Benefits Of Taking A level Further Mathematics

Despite the challenges, students who persevere through A-level further maths will acquire valuable skills that will prepare them for further study and the workforce. Here are a few benefits of taking A level further mathematics:

  • Students who persevere through A-level further maths will learn to think analytically and logically, which are vital traits in any profession.
  • Also, students who take A level further mathematics will also acquire problem-solving and time-management skills, which will come in handy in their academic and personal lives.
  • Studying A level further maths will also open doors to some of the most prestigious universities and jobs in the world.

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Wrapping Up

Further Maths is indeed one of the most challenging and demanding A-levels that students can choose to take. However, it is also one of the most rewarding and enriching subjects that can lead to a bright and prosperous future.

Through A level further maths, students can learn to think critically, problem-solve proficiently, and work diligently. If you are considering taking A level further mathematics, I say, challenge yourself, strive for greatness, and reap the benefits of your efforts.


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