Is Further Maths A Level Useful for Medicine?

Is Further Maths A Level Useful for Medicine
A Medical Doctor

If, like most students, you are considering pursuing your studies in medicine, you may have heard that taking Further Maths A Level is beneficial.

And, with the number of students applying to study medicine increasing each year, one of the key questions I often got asked by many students is whether they need to take Further Maths A level in order to be successful in an application.

So, is further maths A level useful for medicine? Medical Schools generally require applicants to have AAA at A level, including Chemistry and another science, according to the UK Medical Schools Council. The most important factor for getting into medical school is having good grades in core A levels such as Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Typically, medical schools are looking for students who show a commitment to science and demonstrate that they have a good understanding of these subjects.

However, taking subjects like Further Maths A level, which are not directly related to medicine, can help you stand out from other applicants, but this is not essential.

Do you really need further maths A level to pursue a career in medicine? Read on to find out why further maths is so important for those looking to apply to medical school.

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Which A Level Is Best For Medicine?

Even though most medical Schools only require students to have AAA at A level, including Chemistry and other science. However, most Medical Schools don’t restrict a preference for what you should take. 

However, Cambridge indicated that most of their applicants are studying A-Levels in Chemistry plus two in Biology/ Physics/ Mathematics. 

In contrast, Brighton And Sussex states that applicants who took a third A level subject outside of Science or Maths are welcomed because they recognize their value in broadening academic horizons.

Why Further Maths Matters?

Medical schools typically do not require students to have studied Maths as part of their A Level qualifications. But if you want to show yourself as an exceptional candidate, taking Further Maths can be hugely beneficial. It shows your commitment to mathematics and shows that you can handle complex problems with ease. It also demonstrates excellent problem-solving skills, which are invaluable for any potential medical student.

Further maths A level also offers a deeper understanding of the principles behind mathematics, which will help with all aspects of the medical profession, from diagnostics and treatment to research and epidemiology.

From understanding probability and statistics to interpret data on graphs and charts, having a solid knowledge of maths will come in handy during your studies and throughout your future career as a doctor.

Taking Further Maths A level can help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your academic prowess.

In addition, while passing A level maths may be necessary when applying to certain universities, like Cambridge; it is not always required.

Some universities, such as Brighton And Sussex, offer interviews where they assess applicants on their knowledge of science and ability to think critically about various topics instead of requiring them to take extra maths qualifications. Therefore, if you are uncertain about whether you need maths for your chosen course at university, I encourage you to check with the individual institution before making any decisions.

I believe that having a basic understanding of mathematics could be beneficial when studying medicine. For instance, many medical courses require some form of statistics or quantitative methods in order to analyze data and draw conclusions from studies or experiments.

Having an understanding of mathematical concepts, including probability or calculus, can give you a better understanding of the theories and principles behind certain treatments and drugs used in modern medicine.

Is Further Maths A Level Useful for Medicine
Medical School

Key Skills Learned Through Further Mathematics

Further maths A level is more than just numbers; it helps develop essential skills such as logic, problem-solving, critical thinking, research, and analysis that are necessary for success in medicine. Taking further maths A level shows that you have the academic ability and dedication needed for medical school, which gives you an invaluable edge over other candidates who may not have studied it before applying.

In addition, taking further maths A level also provides excellent preparation for exams such as the UK UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test), used by many British universities in their admissions process.

Even though further maths A level isn’t essential when applying for medicine, having knowledge of different mathematical concepts can certainly help enhance your understanding of the subject and make you more competitive as an applicant.

Ultimately what matters most when applying for medicine is having strong grades in core science A levels such as Biology or Chemistry; I suggest you focus on those first before considering taking up extra qualifications like further maths A level if necessary.

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In Conclusion

Taking further maths A level may seem like a challenging task, but I believe it could give you an advantage when applying to study medicine at the university level. You might be exempted from certain modules or topics as you demonstrated your commitment and capability when it comes to mathematics.

With its focus on problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis, further maths A level equips you with the skills needed when preparing for medical school exams such as the UK UCAT.

However, before you take up extra maths qualifications, I encourage you to make sure that you check with individual universities first since some might accept applicants without further maths A level, depending on their interview results.

I believe that studying further maths is worth considering regardless of what you intend to study.


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