Is Further Maths A Level Necessary for Engineering? (Let’s find out!)

Is Further Maths A Level Necessary for Engineering
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If you are planning to pursue your studies in engineering, you might be wondering whether or not taking further maths at A-Level is required. On the one hand, Further Maths A level can give you a more advanced knowledge of mathematics which will come in handy when studying engineering. On the other hand, it could potentially be an unnecessary strain on your time, money, and resources.

Is Further Maths A level necessary for engineering? Generally, further maths A level will be helpful but not required for engineering. Taking further maths A level will make you a competitive applicant as most universities will find it highly desirable for engineering. I suggest you take it if your school offers it. Otherwise, you will be disadvantaged to those who have studied it. You will also have better chances in admissions because you can show more maths skills.

Read on to find out the benefits of studying Further Maths for engineering. If you still wonder whether Further Maths A Level is worth it, I wrote a whole that I encourage you to read.

The Benefits of Taking Further Maths A Level for Engineering

I believe there are definitely some benefits to taking further maths A level if you are planning on studying engineering. Taking further maths A level will provide you with a much deeper understanding of mathematics which is essential if you want to progress in any field related to engineering.

Another benefit of taking further maths A level is that it can be an invaluable asset to engineers because it encourages students to think logically and solve problems from different angles. In other words, taking further math A level help students develop problem-solving skills that are essential for engineers who must be able to identify, analyze, and solve complex technical issues.

Also, taking further maths A level can often make you stand out amongst other applicants as it shows that you have gone above and beyond in preparation for university studies. It also allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of mathematics and its applications.

Generally, taking further maths A level can give you an edge because it helps you better understand the principles behind engineering processes such as applied mechanics, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. Later when you become an engineer, you can use the knowledge gained to design more efficient mechanical systems and make better use of available resources.

Further maths A Level can help you develop problem solving skills which are key when doing complex calculations required when pursuing engineering studies.

Moreover, having a deeper understanding of mathematics also makes it easier for engineers to work with computers and software programs related to their field. By being familiar with mathematical concepts such as calculus and linear algebra, you can better understand the algorithms used by computer programs and write more effective code.

The Drawbacks of Taking Further Maths A Level for Engineering

Like anything in life, taking further maths A level also has some disadvantages if you plan on pursuing an engineering degree or job afterward.

The biggest disadvantage of taking further maths A level for engineering is that it requires more time and effort than the average student has available, depending on how well they already understand basic math concepts such as algebra and calculus.

Also, most universities may not even require that students have taken further maths A level as part of their entry requirements, which is why I believe there may be no benefit to taking this A level (you will have to do further mathematics content at your first year at uni anyway)

Is Further Maths A Level Necessary for Engineering
Further Maths Applications In Engineering

Is A Level Further Maths Necessary?

Studying A level Further Mathematics is an excellent way to prepare for a degree in Engineering, Mathematics, or any science-related major. Many universities encourage students who intend to study mathematics, physics, or any STEM majors to take Further Mathematics at A level as it introduces a broader range of pure and applied content, including matrices and complex numbers. 

Generally, students who studied A level Further Mathematics often find the transition from high school to university easier and smoother.

Also, if you can score a decent grade, studying A level Further Maths will look very good, which means you will have an easier time handling all the math, you will see doing an engineering degree. 

Which A Level Is Required For Engineering?

Generally, the A Level required for Engineering includes Maths and Physics. Some students opt to study Further Maths A level, which can be an excellent addition when applying to top universities.  You can also opt for another science subject, including Chemistry or Biology, as your third or fourth A-Level subject because they are highly valued by most unis, particularly for studying a degree in chemical engineering or biomechanical engineering.

You can also choose a non-science-related third or fourth subject, such as art, business, or humanities-based subject. For example, you can combine Maths, Physics, and Art to apply for engineering programs. 

Some universities, such as the University of Birmingham, require all students entering the first year of a civil engineering degree program to have A-Level maths or equivalent mathematics in other qualifications.

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In Conclusion

Taking a Further Maths A level can be incredibly beneficial if you are planning to study engineering. In addition to improving problem-solving skills, further maths A level provides you with an in-depth understanding of mathematics that can be applied in various engineering disciplines.

If you are considering studying engineering, I encourage you to consider taking a further maths course. And if you already have a good grasp of basic mathematical principles or don’t feel like committing extra time and effort to higher-level topics, you can skip taking Further maths altogether.

However, if you feel confident that you can manage an additional workload, then pursuing further maths at A-Level could certainly give you an edge over others when applying for jobs or university courses related to engineering.


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