Is AP Stats Good for Nursing? (Yes! and here’s why)

Is AP Stats Good for Nursing
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If you are a nursing student considering taking the AP Statistics course, you may wonder if it is worth the time and effort. AP Statistics is a college-level course that prepares students for higher-level math courses.

Many high school students take the AP Statistics course to get a head start on their college math curriculum and learn more advanced concepts.

But is AP Stats good for nursing? AP Statistics is good for nursing. Although AP Statistics may not appear to have an immediate connection to your nursing degree, the knowledge and skills you will gain from this course will certainly benefit you throughout your career.

In this blog, I will discuss why the AP Statistics course benefits nursing students. If you find statistics hard, I encourage you to read this article, where I discuss the 6 Reasons Why Statistics Is So Hard, And shared helpful tips for studying statistics.

Is The AP Statistics Course Good For Nursing?

Using statistics and Evidence-based practice (EBP) helps nurses use current and up-to-date research and evidence while caring for patients. In addition, studying statistics provides nurses with essential knowledge of statistical terminology and familiarity with terms, including average, mean, median, and mode (Source: Nevada State College)

When analyzing healthcare research or reading scientific research about best practices and new treatments for patient care, nurses must also understand statistical notions, including validity, reliability, and statistical significance.

In addition to providing physical care, mental support, and assessments, nurses spend a lot of time educating patients and families. Fundamental knowledge of statistics helps nurses deliver patients with fact-based answers to their questions and usually the reassurance they might need.

Moreover, depending on the type of nursing program you plan to pursue. Taking the AP Statistics course can be beneficial if you want to become a nurse practitioner or a Registered nurse (RN). An AP Statistics course provides students with an overview of statistical principles, including hypothesis testing and data analysis, that can be useful in many medical fields.

In addition, the skills learned in this course can help nurses identify patterns in patient data and make better decisions regarding treatments and diagnoses.

However, taking the AP Statistics course may not be necessary if you plan to pursue a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), as these programs typically require only basic math skills such as basic algebra and arithmetic (Source: Concorde Career Colleges)

But I recommend you check with your state’s and college’s requirements before choosing a training program because some LPN and CNA programs may require applicants to have taken an introductory statistics class before admission.

I think you should check with your prospective school before enrolling to know exactly what is required of you when it comes time to apply for admission.

Is AP Stats Good for Nursing
Nursing Students

Why Is It Important For Nurses To Learn Statistics?

Nursing students need statistics knowledge to read and analyze nursing and medical research findings. Statistics also teach nursing students how to use proper statistical methods to report their research, comprehend when research findings are statistically significant, and decide if they are generalizable to specific groups.

Here are the benefits of studying statistics for nursing students:

1- Understanding Statistics and Research

One major component of being a successful nurse is understanding basic statistical principles, which include interpreting data, creating tables and graphs, drawing conclusions from results, and understanding the implications of a research.

In addition, as a nurse, you must be able to evaluate data to make informed decisions when caring for patients. This is where AP Statistics comes in, as it provides a foundation to build your understanding of statistics and research methods.

2- Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Another important skill that nurses need is the ability to think critically about problems, which means being able to analyze a situation from multiple angles in order to come up with creative solutions.

Although critical thinking skills can be developed through experience, learning the fundamentals during an AP Statistics class can give you an edge in applying them effectively on the job.

By learning how to approach problem-solving from different angles, you will gain valuable experience that will help you as a nurse.

3- Gaining Confidence in Math

I also believe that taking an AP Statistics class can help boost your confidence in mathematics, which I think is essential for any nurse or healthcare professional.

Even though math may not seem to have a direct application in nursing, it can still be helpful when working with numbers such as medication dosages or vital signs readings.

Taking an AP Mathematics class can help improve your math skills while also helping you gain more confidence in using quantitative reasoning in real-world scenarios.

Is AP Stats Good for Nursing
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What AP Should You Take For Nursing?

The college board recommends the following AP course for those planning a career as Registered Nurse (RN):

  • AP Biology 
  • AP Calculus AB 
  • AP Calculus BC 
  • AP Chemistry 
  • AP Statistics 
  • AP Research 
  • AP Comparative Government and Politics 
  • AP English Language and Composition 
  • AP Human Geography 
  • AP Psychology 
  • AP Seminar 
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture 
  • AP United States Government and Politics

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Final Thoughts

Overall, taking the AP Statistics course as part of your nursing studies is definitely beneficial, even if it doesn’t directly relate to patient care!

Learning to interpret data and developing critical thinking skills are invaluable assets that will serve you throughout your career.

I totally believe studying statistics as a nurse student will benefit you because having knowledge of statistical principles will give you an advantage regardless of what type of nursing degree you are pursuing!


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