How Many UCAS Points Are A Level Worth: Understanding the Point System

How Many UCAS Points Are A Level Worth
How Many UCAS Points Are A Level Worth

If you are navigating the university admissions process in the UK, you might have already come across UCAS points. UCAS points are a way to measure the academic achievement of students applying to higher education institutions in the UK.

So, what are UCAS Tariff points? UCAS points (also known as UCAS Tariff points) translate your grades and qualifications into a numerical value (Source: UCAS). In other words, UCAS points provide a method to compare the qualifications of all applicants equally.

But how many UCAS points are A-levels worth? whether you’re a student or a parent, I invite you to keep reading to understand the UCAS points system better. If you wonder what it takes to get an A* in maths A level, I wrote an article that I encourage you to read here.

Why Are UCAS Tariff Points Important?

The UCAS Tariff points are essential because Some universities and courses will make offers depending on the total number of UCAS Tariff points earned. Even though not all universities require UCAS Tariff, it allows greater flexibility over the grade combinations necessary to meet the requirements.

A-levels are assessed on a grading system with letters ranging from A to E, with A being the highest grade and E being the lowest.

Your UCAS points will vary depending on the subject you take. Certain subjects, like maths, physics, chemistry, and further mathematics, have a higher UCAS point value as they’re considered “facilitating subjects.” (Source: Guardian)

Facilitating subjects are those that have been identified by universities as providing students with the essential skills needed to study degree-level courses in challenging subjects.

Keep in mind that not all qualifications are included in the Tariff; if you can’t find your qualification in the tables below, I encourage you to check the entry requirements UCAS search tool or UCAS Tariff calculator.

UCAS points For A Level

The table below shows A level and its corresponding UCAS points

A Level Corresponding UCAS Points
Table Displays A level And Corresponding UCAS Points

UCAS points For AS Level

The table below shows AS level and its corresponding UCAS points

AS Level Corresponding UCAS Points
Table Displays AS level And Corresponding UCAS Points

UCAS points For International Baccalaureate (IB)

The table below shows the International Baccalaureate (IB) is converted into UCAS points:

International Baccalaureate (IB)Corresponding UCAS Points
The Table Displays How the International Baccalaureate (IB) Converts into UCAS Points

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Wrapping Up

A Levels continue to be an essential qualification for students hoping to pursue higher education in the UK. I believe that understanding how UCAS points work for A Levels is crucial in ensuring students achieve the required number of UCAS points for their chosen degree courses.

Before you choose your A-level subjects, I encourage you to check the entry requirements of the universities and courses that you’re interested in so that you know how many UCAS points you’ll need to achieve your desired academic outcome.

I hope this blog post helps you UCAS point system as you navigate your way through the UK university admission process with ease.


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