What Are Easiest A Level Subjects? (13 best options!)

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
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For most students, choosing the right A-level subjects is an essential part of their educational journey as they prepare for higher education and their future career. The truth is that picking the right courses can be a challenging decision, particularly when it comes to which subjects to focus on.

There are some A Level subjects that are considered easier than others, and it takes time to research each subject and make an informed decision that will set you up for success in your future studies.

In this article, I will look at some of the easiest A-level subjects you can choose from.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects?

There are plenty of easy A level subjects out there that can help you get ready for higher education without having to put too much effort into studying them.

Below are the easiest A level subjects.

1- A level Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a reasonably easy A-Level, especially compared to traditional science subjects, including Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

While it requires you to know some facts from the sciences and Geology, Sociology, and Political Science, I believe Environmental Science is one of the easiest A level subjects.

After taking the Environmental Science A Level course, you will learn more about the conditions for life on earth, methods to control pollutants, the sustainability of energy resources and agriculture, and biogeochemical cycles.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

2- A Level Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation focuses on the study of ancient Greek and Roman Civilisation. If you plan to pursue your humanities studies, I encourage you to consider taking Classical Civilisation A level, as it will teach you various disciplines, including art, archaeology, literature, and history.

Generally, Classical Civilisation A-Level is about stories and their meanings, making them easy to grasp.

Unlike Further Mathematics A level, you don’t need to memorize rigorous formulas or concepts to succeed in Classical Civilisation.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

3- A level Drama and Theatre

If you plan to apply to drama school, Drama and Theatre A level is particularly useful and will better prepare you for Drama at university and for Creative Writing courses.

Typically, A-level Drama and Theatre is divided into three main components Drama and theatre, Creating original drama, and Making theatre (Source: AQA)

If you pick A-level Drama and Theatre, you can decide to specialize in performing, lighting, sound, set, costume, puppets, and directing.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

4- A level Psychology

Psychology is also seen as an easy A Level subject because it focuses on understanding human behavior from different perspectives, such as social psychology or cognitive psychology.

In addition, psychology requires students to learn about theories related to memory formation or stress management, which help explain why people behave in certain ways or how they react to different situations.

If you decide to take psychology, you will need a good grasp of research methods so you can apply them to case studies or create experiments that investigate various psychological phenomena.

In addition, having a good understanding of scientific writing will help you write reports and essays with ease on topics related to psychology.

Psychology typically covers topics such as mental health disorders, psychological therapies, and theories of personality development, making it ideal for those interested in pursuing careers in healthcare or social sciences.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

5- A Level English Literature

English Literature is an excellent choice, particularly if you enjoy reading and writing. Unlike the English Language, which focuses on grammar and syntax, English Literature looks at themes within texts such as love, death, and power dynamics.

English literature also covers literary criticism and analysis techniques that can be applied to any text you encounter in life.

The good thing about taking English Literature A Level is that it will teach you skills that will prove helpful in real life. 

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

6- A-level History

Even though some students find A-level history quite difficult, if you enjoy learning history and are good at writing essays and subjects like English Literature, you will do well in A-level history. I also encourage you to do a lot of practice questions throughout the year.

History is a great subject if you have a passion for learning about past events and how they shaped our world today. In addition, History covers a wide range of topics from Ancient Greece to World War 2 (WW2) and beyond, so there’s always something new to learn.

As with any other A-level subject, there are lots of materials available online that can help you understand complex concepts more easily.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

7- A level Geography

Most universities highly value A Level geography as it teaches students to understand the world around them as focuses on physical and human geography, which will benefit most majors (Source: AQA)

With its remarkable 98.6% pass rate, Geography A-Level is among the most popular and easiest A level subjects, and most students who took this course find it engaging.

A level Geography assessment generally consists of two written exams and a field data assessment. Even though the non-examination part may require some fundamental data analysis, this A level is still easy to pass.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

8- A-Level Law

A-Level Law is not only one of the easiest A-level subjects, but it is also beneficial as it will give you an understanding of the role of Law in today’s society and raises awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals (Source: AQA)

In addition, you will develop your analytical ability, problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills by learning about legal rules and how and why they apply to real life. 

Even though some students find A level Law content to be a little heavy, the subject is relatively easy. If you have good memory retention strategies and are willing to dedicate time to learning A level Law content will ace this A-level subject.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

9- A-level Fashion and Textiles

Most students find A level Textiles easy because it is highly hands-on and coursework based. If you enjoy working with materials and fabric, you might find A-level Fashion and Textiles enjoyable, making it easier for you.

Even though this A level is easy, it is not for everyone. I will only recommend this A-level subject to students who love arts and design.

To successfully pass A-level Fashion and Textiles, you must construct a quality portfolio of work to showcase the skills you have developed over the past couple of years. 

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

10- A-level Media Studies

If you love anything media-related, A-level Media Studies will not only be easy, but it will be fun for you.

After passing A-level Media Studies, you will deepen your understanding of media, including media industries, language, representation, and audiences (Source: AQA)

In addition, you will be required to study media products related to film, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, advertising and marketing, online, social and participatory media, music videos, and video games.

The good news is that 30% of your A-Level is about a short film or screenplay with your photographed storyboard, making it an excellent way to unleash your creativity.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

11- A level Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) is another easy A level mainly because of the simplicity of the exams and its course content.

Passing A level Information Technology will help you develop a wide range of IT skills and learn how to solve IT-related problems in various situations efficiently (Source: Cambridge University Press And Assessment)

I will rank this A level among the most useful and easiest, particularly if you are passionate about learning about emerging technologies and their effect on society.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

12- A level Health and Social Care

I recommend you consider taking A-level Health and Social Care if you want to pursue a career in health.

If you decide to take A level Health and Social Care, you will learn about how poverty, mental health, and the use of recreational drugs impact individuals. In addition, you will also have a deeper understanding of human rights, the law, and contemporary issues in social policy. 

A level Health and Social Care is another easy A-Level subject. The good news is that this A level subject is BTEC, equivalent to two A-Levels.

What makes A level Health and Social Care fairly easy is that it comprises practical placements and work experience, making it perfect for learning hands-on experience (Source: Pearson Education)

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

13- A-level Religious Studies

Typically, A-level Religious Studies has two components philosophy of religion and ethics and Study of religion and dialogues (Source: AQA)

A-level Religious Studies has about a 99% pass rate, making it one of the easiest and one of the most popular A level subjects.

A-level Religious Studies assessments are opinion-based mainly, backed by your ability to write persuasively. You will successfully pass A-level Religious Studies by mastering if you have above average ability to write argumentative essays.

What Are Easiest A Level Subjects
Easiest A Level Subjects

Wrapping Up

No matter which A Level subject you choose, it is important to remember that all require dedication and hard work if you want to succeed academically.

However, there are some courses that may be easier than others depending on your interests or strengths; I encourage you to choose A level courses that will suit your needs best.

Whether you choose Classical Civilisation, Environmental Science, or Law, I encourage you to pick A level subjects that interest you the most so that you don’t get bored while studying them.


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